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Horrible Experience: CaRMS Translation Services

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I am at a French school. I submitted a French->English translation request for my clerkship evaluations as I will be applying to the English schools. CaRMS obliges you to use their translation services for the MSPR. 

Just received these translations, <24 hours until CaRMS deadline, and they are of such poor quality. Complex sentences with many adjectives were summarized to "good with patients" or "very good student", etc. There were also frank spelling errors. Asked them to address this issue and they add the changes but accidentally delete whole sections of my evaluations in the process. I am chasing after them to do a half-ass job I paid >300$ for...


Honestly, this is complete bullshit. Anybody else had a similar experience?


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I had my MSPR translated from English to French and it was terrible. People at my school had specialties name changed in the translation as well.. people's names were changed as well. 

I also sent for corrections and they deleted entire sentences. 

It was ridiculous. 

Anyway, our class is writing a joint letter to Carms about this 

They also mentioned on their website that the translated reference letters would be submitted with the original letter, someone emailed to confirm that yesterday and they said it was not the case and changed their website the morning the reference letters were due and used that as the excuse for not having to upload both letters 

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Wow! That's just totally unacceptable. This is our future on the line here... I am also quite worried as to the quality of the translated reference letters, especially if the originals will not be available as you mentioned.

I know that CaRMS only acts as an intermediary to Ubiqus Ottawa Inc. (formerly Société Gamma), the translation company. BUT: I think they at least have the responsibility to hire a responsible and competent company that can insure the quality of the translations. I will be contacting student resources at my faculty and try to stir up some shit so people don't get screwed again in the future.

Thx for your reply! Happy to hear I wasn't the only one...

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Wow...if this is true and representative, that's terrible!

Pre-carms there was a French school that expressed a lot interest in me (I speak decent french). I wasn't planning on applying to Quebec for personal reasons, but I figured I would at least write an application for that school to be polite. I ended up not doing it because I didn't want to go through the hassle of CaRMS translation. Boy did I make the right choice. Would have hated to waste hundreds on incompetent translation for an application I wasn't even taking seriously.

Sorry for your experiences

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