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Verifier Contacted by Phone

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I believe they usually start with emailing verifiers.  If they can’t get a hold of a verifier via email (at least a couple of tries), then they contact by phone.  Perhaps your verifier wasn’t responding to email?  I think after they call the verifier and they still don’t respond, then they contact the applicant mentioning one of their verifiers is not responding (and from what I’ve heard, they don’t tell you who didn’t respond for confidentiality reasons).

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On 11/19/2018 at 8:26 PM, UBCforme said:

I was just doing my rounds to check up on my verifiers and one of them notified me that they were called last week. I recall someone saying that adcom only uses email, but I guess they're calling people as well

Was it because your verifier didnt email the adcom back?

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