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Do I Have a Shot at Dentistry?

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Hey guys,


I'm currently studying at SFU (a canadian university) and I am looking at any possible dentistry school that may take me as I think my chances are probably slim to none.

My GPA is 3.6/4.33 at SFU (first two years werent great but my upper division courses have been better) and I still have another year of courses I need to take so it can hopefully go up.

I did one year of the Entry-To-Practice PharmD program at UBC and got an average of 81% but I didn't enjoy the profession so now I'm back at SFU doing courses.

I have yet to write my DAT, do you guys suggest the american DAT or Canadian one?

My goal is to get in to a program by 2020, would this be possible?


Any advice/help is greatly appreciated!

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