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Need advice: Low 1st and 2nd year GPA, high 3rd and 4th GPA

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Long story short: I was not doing well during 1st and 2nd year. My cGPA between the two years were about a 2.4. My 3rd and 4th year cGPA (between the two years) was about 3.92. Do I have no chances at getting into med school? My MCAT was in the 97th percentile, and I have good volunteer, no research experience. Has anybody been through a similar situation? Should I do a Masters degree then apply to med school? I really messed up my first two years, but turned my life around after with help from close friends. I didn't have a full course load during years 1 and 2. Years 3 and 4 had 5 courses each (full course load). What are my options? Any advice is appreciated. 

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You’re highly academically competitive for Queen’s. All they see is: 3.92, 519. Depending on your Mcat, you may be academically competitive for Western as well. You don’t surpass GPA cutoffs for UofT and Ottawa, as you can’t use either of their wGPA formulas. 

2 med schools are a lot more than none. It’s definitely worth applying with your application. If you take a 5th year with full time studies, you’ll be able to use the Ottawa wGPA, bringing you within reach of being competitive there. 

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