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help! anyone taken anesthesiology clerkship/elective?

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know how to take a focused pre-op history (meds, allergies, last meal, previous anesthesia experiences, fam history of bad anesthesia reactions, etc), pre-op physical (including assessment of airway/mallampati score), know all your patients comorbidities and how they may affect the surgery/anestehsia, obviously know what surgery theyre doing and the indication. Know how to intubate but this is staff/pt dependent if theyll let you try. Know how to set up the patient for anesthsia (monitors, bag-mask, etc). Know basic meds/anesthesics used. Some basic understanding of cardio/resp physiology as well. 

Work hours are pretty cush, where I was at OR starts at 8am so get there at like 730 to assess the first patient in pre-op. Usually last case is early afternoon (2-3) and after induction if you get a nice staff they let you go home and not have to wait for the whole case to be done.

Hope that helps!

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There's a good book floating around called Anesthesia for Medical Students put out by the Ottawa group. You can find it online as an e-book and older copies might be floating around. 

Be keen, don't be afraid to try stuff, and show up not only on time but early. Introduce yourself to nurses in patient holding. Usually you'll be assigned to work with a particular staff in advance. How things go will often be personality dependent, but you'll find the groove quickly enough. 

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