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TFW family med is this years derm lmao

Just called Ottawa and they said they only released some invites to a subset of candidates, the rest of the invites and rejections will be sent out tomorrow at 9am

i mean, even though "its family" UofT is still quite competitive for family med. Both not having any onsite electives (and only 1 in ontario) + being out of province seems like a pretty easy way to sc

1 hour ago, Carms20199 said:

Anyone heard from Calgary peds? It says they were supposed to release December 19th and notify everyone. 

I’m wondering the same. Some of the people I spoke to apparently got emails on Dec 18th but I haven’t received anything. Anyone else in the same boat? 

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We have created a Facebook group for Radiology candidates to exchange information.

Please feel free to invite your classmates and friends who are also applying to radiology. When requesting to join, you will need to state your medical school and the interview dates for UBC radiology (as a screening question).


UBC MD 2019

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