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In desperate need of advice

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Hello all!

Unfortunately, my situation is pretty complicated but I'll try to keep it concise. 

I am 21 years old, 22 in February. I have spent the past 4 years essentially taking university courses and either receiving poor grades (4 bad grades) or dropping courses. Growing up I was a high-level hockey player, and I had to stop playing due to a heart condition. I stopped playing officially when I was 19 and I have spent the past three years very lost and not sure what to do. I have wasted years of university, dropping and giving a poor effort to my courses. Though, through this whole painful process, I have realized I want to pursue medicine; more specifically cardiology.

I have dropped my courses for the rest of the year and have gained acceptance to a health science program at Ottawa U to begin this coming September. I know I am academically capable of succeeding as I was a 94+ student in high school.

With all of this, I am wondering whether my messy transcript and 4 poor grades have completely ruined my chances for medical school at Ottawa U?

My plan is to begin my UG in Sept and do well for the next 2-3 years and apply. I have also begun volunteering and doing research whatever. Even if I do manage 2/3 full time UG years at 3.9+, have I lost my shot?


Any insight into my situation would be fantastic.


Thanks so much.


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You definitely have a chance! Many schools will look at your top two years or last two years (Western/Queens) provided that you took a full course load in each of those years (5 full credits). Some other schools will take into account all undergrad courses (Mac) so those may be a little harder to overcome your previous university courses. Ottawa has a special weighted formula (essntially taking your last 3 years into account). If you qualify for any residency outside of Ontario, that could also help you depending on the province. All in all, you definitely have a shot if you take your new program seriously, so don't give up hope. my advice to you would be to try your best to maintain a full course load from now on.


Good luck! :) 

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Of course, you have a shot in this marathon. Focus on your academics, know how to study smart for you, go to counselling for help.

Grades in h.s. are not relevant to anything. I was a poor student in Cegep (junior college). I did a complete turn around in undergrad, treated my studies professionally, all I did was study, was exhausted as the end of each semester, became a straight A student although not the brightest lightbulb in the class. So, in a sense, I am a poster child for what can be accomplished. Stay motivated, focus only upon improving yourself, do not look at others. Good luck! :P

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you definitely have a shot, I would put your 100% efforts and go for your dream. It is very rewarding.

If you plan on completing your health science degree, the old courses/degree will not count for most (if not all) med schools. Certain schools have policies that can erase your previous transcript on the basis of undiagnosed medical conditions if you truly want these grades to be off your record, but if you plan on doing 3-4 years of undergrad again this is not necessary as those will be used for your GPA calculation.

Good luck!

Mr Duck

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