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Any Shot at Canadian or American MD Schools?

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I'm currently in my last year of a Bachelors of Science in Health Sciences degree at a BC University. I had a weak start owing to many personal issues as well as not taking school very seriously, which has resulted in the following stats:

First Year GPA: 2.68

Second Year GPA: 3.17

Third Year GPA: 3.61

My university operates on a 4.33 GPA scale, so I'm not sure how much that matters either. I haven't written the MCAT yet, and for relevant EC's so far I have had 1 year of experience working in a care home with disabled seniors, and 1 semester of helping carry out research in a professor's lab. I plan on shadowing or volunteering at clinics soon, since I am now in my last year of my degree.

My question is, based off my GPA alone, do I have even the faintest hope of getting an interview at any Canadian friendly US MD school(s)? I am well aware that I will not get into any Canadian medical schools with that GPA. I have considered DO schools but that's more of a last resort option for me. A few friends of mine have gone to the Carribbean since they weren't competitive in the US, and are suggesting I give up on the US and go abroad as well. I don't want to give up since I've sacrificed so much to get to this point, but if it's futile, then I should be realistic and look into other options. 

Do I have a shot at any US MD school, since my GPA is not very stellar, compounded by my Canadian status, as I know US MD schools will favour US citizens over Canadians?


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With your current attitude, probably not.


What exactly have you "sacrificed" to get to this current point? Do you work while going to school? Your ECs look very light.  

If you want any real chance, you need to do a 5th year and not graduate after 4 years since years 1 and 2 are write off. Do better in 4th and 5th and ace the MCAT then take some time to build up your non academics.

For someone in your situation USDO is potentially within reach if you do the above, but the fact that you'd rather go abroad than that speaks volumes anyways. USDO is a far better option then the vast majority of non LCME schools. 

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