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Mac Life Sci or Western Med Sci??


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Hi, I am in grade 12 and dont know what university to choose; McMaster Life Sci or Western Med Sci. I am looking forward to apply to med school so can you tell me the pros and cons of each program and which I should go to. In terms of gpa, med school admission stats, research...

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I was in Western's Med Sci so I have no idea what McMaster's life sci program is like, but I can share with you my experience in Western's Med Sci.

I liked Med Sci's diversity in specializations. Specifically, I was in the Physiology & Pharmacology specialization and took many courses related to my specialization. You could also choose to stay as a general Med Sci student and that's good too. I also liked the opportunity for research that came during my 4th year of the program. Eventually, I continued my 4th year thesis into my Master's program.

I don't think it was too too hard to get a high GPA in this program either; it wasn't easy but it also wasn't too hard. (I did slack off quite a bit in my studies though :P)

If you'd like to know anything specific feel free to shoot me a message!

Good luck in your future studies!

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