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Taking only 2 senior courses in upper year term?


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Hi there

I am heading into winter term of 3rd year and I need some advice regarding course selection. This fall, I took 2 3rd year courses, 1 2nd year course, and 2 1st year courses. However, the 2nd year course and one of the 1st year courses were science prerequisite courses that I did not take in my 1st and 2nd year (I am not in a traditional science program and I did not get any electives until this term). Next term, I have 1 4th year course, 1 3rd year course, and 3 1st year courses (one of them is a requirement for my program, one of them is a science prerequisite course, and the last one is a "bird"course). Totalling up, I only have 4 senior courses this year and I was just wondering if this is okay.

I was considering replacing the "bird" course with another senior course from my major but none of the major courses offered this term interest me. Besides Western's 3/5 rule, (I took 6 2nd year courses in my 2nd year so I believe I am good for Western), am I at a disadvantage for not taking 6 or more senior courses in upper years?

Thanks in advance!

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