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PA program with nursing bac.degree??

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Hi I'm a U of M nursing student who's graduating next semester. 

I'm looking into PA program recently and found out the GPA cutoff are usually around 3.7-4.0/4.5..

I had 3.8 GPA before starting nursing and many of you already aware faculty of nursing does modified GPA where 95%+ is considered A+ ,85%+ is A  and so on.. compared to 90+ as A+ in other faculties. After 4 years of that, my last 60 credits of GPA  (unfortunately all from nursing faculty) dropped to 3.2..

I know they take other things into account like letter of recommendation and EC. 

I am doing my senior practicum in VGH day surgery unit soon and I already have over 800+ hours of direct patient care in long term care and acute hospital setting (from clinical rotations). Also I am planning to ask letters of recommendation from profs in nursing who directly supervised me during those clinical rotations. 

only thing that's bothering me is my GPA.. did anyone from nursing got into PA program? do you guys think I still have chance with 3.2 GPA? 

thank you in advance! :)


+ the only reason i'm not considering NP program is because U of M NP program requires 2 years of work experience as a RN. 

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There are a LOT of PAs that were formerly nurses before getting into a PA program. In fact, clinical experience during schooling and (if applicable) through nursing work. 

When you say GPA of 3.2 do you mean out of 4.5? 


To see average / range of statistics for UofM Class of 2019, check out the infographic on their student website: https://manitobapafellowship.weebly.com/class-statistics.html 


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