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Opting out of Turnitin

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1 hour ago, SweetNothing said:

I would also love to know why someone would want to opt out of the Turnitin and if it would have deleterious effects on your application. Thank you!

Well turnitin would be a large data base comprised of everything submitted before. Reapplicants should opt out if they reuse portions of their previous essays-otherwise they’ll be unfairly marked for self-plagiarism by the system. In academia, self-plagiarism is as bad as plagiarizing others’ work, but for the sake of UofT MD applications, they allow reuse of your previous  essays as long as you let them know.

Theres no effect if you choose to opt out, they’ll do a manual plagirism  check across your BPEs

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18 hours ago, dehindu said:

Is there any benefit to opting out vs. staying in? 


18 hours ago, Rabeprazole said:

Ok so what I want to know is if they put the Western abbreviated sketch through Turnitin. If so, I should probably opt out. :| Anyone have any idea?

Has Western told you specifically they'll put it through turnitin? If not, then I wouldn't worry. 

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On 12/19/2018 at 10:42 AM, dehindu said:

Is there any benefit to opting out vs. staying in? 

The benefit of opting out is that you have more control of what information about yourself you give to these plagiarism checking companies. With personal data leaks across pretty much every social media site, banking institution, and consumer service platform, it's better to be safe than sorry. For example, if somebody details in their essay personal medical histories or sensitive information, they probably don't want that information floating around out there attached to their name. You never know what sort of information about you is exchanged, sold, or used behind the scenes. 

I highly disagree with the notion that the admissions committee would view opting-out as suspicious and that it negatively impacts your application. It would be absolutely ridiculous if that were the case. The fact that universities even give you the option of opting-out demonstrates to me that they know this system is ethically ambiguous at best. 

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