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UBC Interview Writing Station (computer or by hand?)

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Quick question:

For the UBC interview writing station, we are told "following your interview you will participate in a 30-minute writing session, where you will be asked to write one complete essay based on a given prompt. This prompt will NOT require academic knowledge and you will be unable to prepare for it. You do not need to bring any supplies as all writing materials will be provided. No dictionaries, translation tools, notes or other writing aides in any form (electronic or other) are allowed."

Can previous applicants of the writing station say if the essay was written electronically (on the computer) or by hand with pen/pencil? Thank you. 

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Yes indeed it's hand-written. I understand the impracticality running that station with computers but I'm sure it would be a lot easier on many of us if it were. My printing is already tricky enough to read when I'm not rushing.. alas maybe the old doctor-handwriting stereotype will help out. ;) 


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