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Does everyone get sick on Paediatrics? NOTE: This is a joke!


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I've been on a paeds elective the past couple weeks...and immediately got sick a few days in! I also noticed that a lot of the paediatricians, nurses, and other staff are also sick a lot (lots of coughing, sneezing, etc.). I know this could be a function of the time of year, but it really seems to me like being sick is a constant in paediatrics.

Anybody else have experience with this?

NOTE: this is a joke thread. I'm not trying to demean paeds!

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Everytime I'm on peds, I think I won't be one of those suckers that get sick.. but everytime, I get the worst viral URTI that last like 3-6weeks. Starts as rhinorrhea, then pharyngitis, then laryngitis with almost complete loss of voice, then residual cough for 2 weeks.. horrible.

Haven't gotten gastros yet though.

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8 hours ago, Intrepid86 said:

Went my entire peds rotation in residency during winter without getting sick. The secret is Purell, Vitamin C, and delegating as much work as possible to other people. 

I tried the first two. (can't do the third) DIDN'T work! Got URI and Gastro so far. Waiting to see what other fun ailments I can catch over the course of the rotation.

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