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I currently go to UofT  for psychology co-op and I didn't receive the minimum grade requirement to get co-op for next year. I know that not everyone has a co-op placement when they apply to medical school but I feel like its easier if I did have one (since the school basically forces you to take courses on how to interview well and resume stuff like that). I could always retake the course next fall or maybe in the summer to get a better grade but it was such a pain going through it the first time. Can anyone tell me if there is a bright side to this? I feel like I lost my co-op so I lost my chances of going to med school. (lol maybe that's a little dramatic)

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GPA>MCAT>>>ECs. You don’t need co-op to get into medicine, you need amazing grades. Focus on why you couldn’t maintain the needed average and change your study habits so your grades are in the 90+ range. Interview skills are communication skills that can come from other work and volunteering, even team work in group projects. Life experience is the most important for soft skills.

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