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Non-degree OUAC Inclusion

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Good afternoon everyone, 

I was wondering if and how I should include non-degree time I did in my application, where I took an extra semester after I graduated just to take a few courses. Should I just count it as my undergrad degree of input it separately? Thanks 

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What do you mean by input it separately?

When applying to PT schools I believe the extra courses I took went towards my subGPA but not cumGPA (since they were taken post-graduating aka non-degree), as they get added to the top of the 20 half courses. I don’t remember having to distinguish degree and non-degree though since they were all on the same transcript and it distingushed on it. 

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I took a few courses after I finished my undergraduate degree and I inputted them as ‘non-degree’. For me, it was at a different school than where I completed my undergrad degree, but as long as they are undergraduate level courses, they will count. Mine counted towards both my subGPA and cum GPA. I’m currently in OT. Hope that helps!

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