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Dropping a full courseload or taking a year off

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Hey i'm a 3rd year at UofT and the my cGPA is 3.87 with a full-course load every semester up til this point. I've been going through depression recently with everything going on in my life and have been going to a psychiatrist regularly for the last few months. I was even thinking of taking a leave of absence but I settled for just taking a lighter course load next semester (2-3 classes). But I don't know if this is going to bite me in the end when I apply to dental schools. I'm half tarn and I really want to do dentistry more than anything else. Any thoughts?

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It depends on where you are applying. Western looks at your best 2 years. There is a hit if you have a reduced course load, but only if the 2 years used are reduced. A 3.87 likely translates to a 88-89% average which is competitive at Western. 

U of T looks drops your worst year as do many other schools. Do your research of the schools you're interested in.

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