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Hi everyone, 

First year applicant here and looking to come up with a plan should I not be accepted this year while I apply again next year. 

I think I have a competitive GPA and have gotten a few interview invites already this year so I'm not really looking to boost my GPA, but should my interviews go poorly I am looking into back up options. Some thoughts I had were starting a masters (interest in microbiology) or maybe training as an EMR, or trying to find a one year masters, course based masters etc... Any recommendations/personal experiences? Any idea on what supervisors generally think about people who work in their labs while actively applying to med schools? I'm not too sure about the timelines of applications for these things but I figure it's probably better to start thinking about this early in case I might miss any deadlines. 

I would love to hear about any personal experiences in the years after undergrad and before med school.

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I haven’t worked as an EMR, but I’ve worked 6 years full time prior to entering medical school in investment banking and travel. I think full-time work experience teaches skills and allows for personal development that is different from what you can gain from being a student. School life is very different from work life. Plus when you work, you can earn some money and pay off school loans. If your goal is med school and you have great grades and interview invites already, I don’t think spending money on another master will improve your chances much. I’d rather work or take the year off to travel. 

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