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What are verifiers for? (Difference between referees?)

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Verifiers are usually just asked to confirm that what you said on your application is true. However, I know of at least one school that asks for evaluations as well, similar to a reference letter. 

Unfortunately, I would think carefully about including an activity that ended in this way. A verifier who indicates that your personal statement/entry is inaccurate could jeopardize your entire application and cause it to be red flagged. If you have a verifier in mind who you have a good relationship with, it may be worth including this activity. It's up to your personal judgement whether or not to include this entry. 

I don't have any special knowledge of how these systems work, so take my 2 cents with a grain of salt. 

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Agree with Llamastan. This is a bit of a rough situation and I understand your hesitance to omit this activity since its inclusion would bolster your ABS. But ultimately I don't think it's worth the chance of jeopardizing your app.

My two cents:

- if there's someone that you're confident would support you and could act as a verifier (e.g. a co-volunteer who you're on good terms with), ask them to verify and include this position on your app

- otherwise, do not include this position

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6 hours ago, BBALLCBMJ said:

Would it be insane if I ask the verifier (I worked closely with a supervisor but I believe the person who ultimately does the verification/writes reference letters is the program coordinator who is above the supervisor. I have never met this person however) if it is possible for them to verify the activity in a positive manner?

Keep in mind that the verifier you list does not have to be the program coordinator. The verifier can be anyone who can attest that you did the work you claim to have done. I think the safest bet is to find a friendly co-worker or another student who volunteered with you or something of that nature, since they are least likely to care about the dismissal. Asking the program coordinator would not be insane (regardless of how things ended, you still did put in work over the course of a couple years so you have valid grounds to ask for verification) but I don't think it's your best chance either. Basically I agree with what pyridoxal-phosphate said about asking people who you're on good terms with.

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