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Applicant from Quebec

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Hi all,

I want to apply for OttawaU med school (french stream) but I'm a little confused about how it works the admission as I'm from Quebec. So here is my situation. I have one degree completed in biochemistry from Montreal University. I'm planning to start another degree in biomedical sciences in order to increase my GPA (in the same university). My questions are:

1. Am I supposed to do the prerequisites courses during the 3 years used to calculate my GPA ? I mean if I complete one year of the second degree, my GPA will be calculated using year 2 and 3 of first degree and year 1 of second degree. And if I did the prerequisites courses during the first year of my first degree so they won't be counted?

2. Are there any specific requirements for applicants from Quebec?

Thank you for your answers.

Merci pour vos réponses.

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1. You do not need to do it in the 3 years used to calculate GPA, however you need a minimum grade in that class (check the website on pre-reqs).

2. No, same as everyone else. If you are applying to the french stream your minimum GPA requirement will be lower if you come from the Outaouais region but otherwise thats the only thing different.

Good luck!

Mr Duck

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@Donald_Duck I stumbled on an old-ish (2017 I think) post saying that you're almost certain pre-interview score is 50% wGPA + 50% CASPer. Post-interview is 100% interview score. So are you telling me they don't look at the extracurriculars part of the OMSAS app at all? :o
Also, they don't count summer or 'supplementary courses taken outside the usual academic session'. I'm at a different university but retook Orgo through Athabasca so technically it's not in my transcript since it doesn't count towards my degree. But I finished it within first semester so it was equivalent to having a full course-load with 5 courses. Would this fall under supplementary courses (ie. they'll just make sure I have the min B as a prereq but not count it towards wGPA)? Would the year count as full course-load for wGPA? 

PS: sorry for hijacking the thread! 

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