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Chances of getting into US medical schools as a Canadian


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Hi everyone,

I am in my last year of undergraduate at UWO medical science program and I am considering applying to US medical schools as I have heard they are a little bit easier to get in than most Canadian Schools. I would like to get some advice and tips from people who have applied through AMCAS before and can relate to some of the questions I have.

1) I have read and heard from students at UWO that 80+ is 4.0 on AMCAS gpa scale but I don't know when adding my coursework on the AMCAS website I should enter letter conversions (A,A+...) or I should enter my percentage grade as it appears on the transcript?  I don't want to risk entering 83, which according to UWO scale is A  (4.0 ) being converted to 3.7.

What are you experiences on this?

2) My cGPA is 3.83 and science GPA 3.81 according to AMCAS scale ( I assumed +80 is 4.0) and a MCAT score of 514.  What do you think are my chances of getting into a US medical school?

3) For ECs I have more than 500 hours volunteering at the hospital, some community service, tutored children,  Shadowed a physician, worked as a transcriptionist  for a doctor in clinic for the summer,  Vice president of a club, clinical research, 3 publications and working to have more. I am also taking basic and advanced CPR classes.



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