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Interview Haircut Predicament


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Hi everyone!
I'm looking for some advice on what to do with my hair for interview season. I am a male and I have decently long hair right now. My hair is thick and curls at the ends, and is currently just above shoulder length. I am concerned that if I keep my hair long, I could get some negative impressions from adcom. However, I also have alopecia areata. Currently this means I have a few bald spots on my head (couple of toonie sized ones on top of my head, and a quarter sized one on the side). These prevent me from getting a really short clean looking hair cut.  

Should I keep my hair long and just get it cleaned up and slick it back for the interviews? Should i get a medium length haircut that is professional but still covers my spots? Or should i get it short and try to cover up the spots with colouring (never tried this before).  

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