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UOttawa Prerequisites?

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Hi, I was wondering how strictly the minimum grade of B (70%) in all of UOttawa's prerequisites is enforced (ie. will an application be immediately discarded if that grade isn't met in one prerequisite?)

Also, does the following prerequisite mean that the equivalent of 4 semester courses can be taken in any of the listed chemistries, or must you have all 3 chemistries comprising that course load?

  • The equivalent of two full-year courses (or four semester courses) of the following Chemistry courses: i) General Biochemistry with or without laboratory session; ii) General Chemistry with laboratory session; iii) Organic Chemistry with laboratory session.

Finally, are courses repeated in order to meet the minimum grade accepted as fulfilling the requirement? 

Responses greatly appreciated, thank you

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As I understand it:

1) The minimum grade of 70% is strict, and if not met in all prerequisites, application is screened unfortunately :(

2) You can take a mix of those courses as long as you also follow each subject's laboratory requirement (if there is one), but you cannot do all 4 courses from the same subject. So, at max, you can take 3 same subject courses and 1 from another chemistry sub discipline.

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