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6th year, wondering if I should even bother

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Hey guys, so basically I'm in 6th year and finishing off my degree (2 semesters off for 2 mcat attempts + bunch of credits that got leftover) and I'm wondering if there's any chance of getting into any Canadian med school. So stats:

GPA: 3.75

MCAT: 519 (127 CARS)

EC: nothing special, hospital/research lab/big brother/suicide hotline


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15 hours ago, Dwight_Schrute said:

That's an excellent MCAT, you definitely have the potential. Keep trying, don't worry about the age, there are many people older than you who you'll meet in med school. 

Aha I'm not worried about the age, just if I should even try the Canadian med system

22 hours ago, McMarauder said:

What's the year by year breakdown of your GPA along with your courseload.

Year 1: 3.76 Full Load

Year 2: 3.82 Full Load

Year 3: 3.72 Full Load

Year 4: 3.68 Half Semester

Year 5: 3.65 Half Semester

This Year: 3.8 so far, can pull up to 3.9 Full Load

20 hours ago, Aconitase said:

Have you considered and over seas medical school?

That was my main focus until I was surprised with my MCAT score. I'll 100% apply to DO and MD in the states, but if I can go here without spending half a million on tuition, why not?

19 hours ago, bins said:

Or US Medical Schools? That MCAT score is very good! What's your CARS score? You could have a good shot at McMaster with a good CASPER.

127 CARS unfortunately

17 hours ago, Bcemslayer said:

What province do you live in? 
I think you should 100% try!! I got in with the same GPA and a 514 MCAT


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