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Second year Lifesci--what are my chances?

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UofT Life sciences student.

So, first and second year I DID NOT take a FULL load while in first, due to summer school I did get 5.0 credits (took two courses)

First year cGPA - 3.1

second year semester 1 cGPA - 4.0 (92 average) --> currently in second with prospects to enter third with 9 credits finished.

I could do full course load year 3 or 4, perhaps even 5 if I stay that long if certain schools require it, I know UofT doesn't but I don't want them to be my only option.


Can someone help me with some background knowledge? Which schools emit a year like UofT does, and do they all care about full course load? What are my best bets if I continue not to do full semester load but keep a good cGPA?

Thank you so much.



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