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Interview Invites Around Feb 11th from Walker's post

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1 hour ago, warwagon said:

The application manual states a minimum of 85% of the seats are reserved for Alberta residents.

I know that. I guess I was just asking are they literally just going to interview more people from only the Alberta pool while keeping the number of OOP interviews the exact same. 

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47 minutes ago, SEAL said:

Is there a link to Dr. Walker's post?



this is the link to the admissions blog. Ill copy/paste the post:


A quick update for applicants.  Most, but not all of the file reviews are done.  The interview stations are just being completed now (and they are going to be really good this year).

We anticipate making interview offers early in February.  Likely around the 11th.  We will be interviewing 576 people this year, which is about 72 more than we interviewed last year.  Numbers of applicants keep increasing, so we want to make sure we get a chance to interact with as many of you as possible.

Good luck one and all.

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Don't look at it that way. Should you be chosen for an interview, you have a decent shot. At that stage, your only competition is yourself. You want to be the best applicant of which you are capable being. Be your authentic self and let the chips fall where they may. 

When I applied for a residency spot, in 2 specialty fields, there were approximately 80 applicants for each field, 40 of us were chosen for interview. For sure, each group of 40 of us were competitive (same case in your situation if chosen for interview). For each of these specialties, they were only going to select 3 candidates! So, it was 3 from 40 competitive applicants. All each of us could do for our interviews was to be ourselves and let the chips fall where they may. Certainly, luck is involved in this process. I was selected for a surgical specialty spot. I was one of three in one of the fields. My future career was dependent upon luck in the end. 

In your situation, it is the same, except that you can reapply next year and use the experience you shall have attained in the interview process to advantage. Of course, you want an acceptance! I wish you all luck!


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On 1/18/2019 at 8:55 AM, eal said:

The only data we have is that 1705 applications were submitted. There is no information on how many were incomplete/closed.

Last year's data (2017/2018) is below.


Assuming that the percentage of files closed stays relatively similar YOY,  it'd be safe to say that there were about 1610 complete applications this year with about 36% getting interviews and about 370 applications being from OOP. 'Anyone know if U of C also applies their representation of  "85% of spots to IP students"  to interview spots, and the matriculated incoming class? 

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