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Hello everybody, 

I am in a dilemma between choosing options to best work towards med and so I thought I'd seek your input. Here is a bit of my background:


Undergraduate in Kinesiology, graduated with a 79.8% overall, after dropping worst year, my percentage moves closer to 81%. My MCAT score on the new MCAT is 517, which is in the 95th percentile. 

Volunteering/ECs: I have shadowed a family doctor while volunteering as an interpreter for almost 1 year, I have volunteered at a rehabilitation/research center for those with spinal cord injuries, with my role mostly consisting of greeting members, helping them with gym equipment for just over a year, a coordinator for an elementary neuroscience program for 3 years, with other extracurriculars consisting of music classes, student leadership roles at my uni, minor involvement in research, with a presentation at a university-level conference

Work: worked as a student advisor at my university and academic coach in my faculty, been an MCAT instructor with a prep course, and more recently in a more kinesiology related role at an orthotic business.


I have applied to Canadian and American schools last year and received no interviews, concurrently I also applied to Ireland and Australia and got into those schools. I decided to take the Australian route and went all the way there but realized how long-term it is with most people there focused on settling in Australia than going back (either because they like the place or they can't go back; anecdotal about someone scoring in the top 3% of USMLE exams but still not getting any interviews in the US).....so I have decided to back out of this option and consider trying Canada again, with a particular focus on the University of Alberta and Calgary, I was pretty competitive there for in-province cut-offs, my cGPA at UofA was 3.89. I have lived in the province previously for 6 years but unfortunately not in the time frame that is required to be considered "in-province", so I was thinking maybe I can go back to school for a post-baccalaureate diploma or masters (ideally the former) and work part-time and then apply to those schools. If I get in great, if not, then I may re-consider Australia or the Carribean route, especially the SGU program that does 1 year in the UK. 


I understand this is a lot of information, but I would really appreciate your opinion/feedback on my plan and if there are any other options I should look into given my stats and background. Also, any people who had similar stories and are in any of the programs I mentioned, your relevant insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for reading this and I hope to read your comments soon. 

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For most Canadian schools you will need to work out your GPA for each year.  I assume you know this, but % to GPA is not a linear conversion. You first convert each course % to a GPA value out of 4 and then average the individual course GPAs for each year.  You need to do this to see if you are competitive for an interview under different school's weighted wGPA formula.   (ie Queens last 2 years, UWO Best 2 years. U of T drop 8 1/2 courses)

If you are close, you might just be able to do an extra year of undergrad (if you still can) to boost it.  For most Ontario schools a Master's does not really help.   









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Your MCAT is great.   

Your year 3&4 GPA is quite usable for wGPA at Western. Check if your MCAT meets their thresholds.   Your GPA is also near potentially for Queens. 

Did you apply during your 4th year or after you already had your 4th  year marks ?

You are in a tough position as you have great MCAT, but marginal GPA for many Canadian schools.  I don't think grad school will help your GPA much atleast for Ontario schools.  

Do apply next cycle to the schools where your weighted wGPA are competitive.

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HI @Meridian


That's why I am a bit confused, and my chance for Canada seems limited to a few schools....I've heard about the Special Master's Program in the USA, where you do a year of studies with medical courses, science prereqs, and research/clinical experience and I have been debating between doing that or a year of Masters in Calgary, because I know in the US a masters can make a bigger difference than in Canada. What do you recommend? I have been limited from applying to US schools because they look at science GPA as well, which is quite low for me (<3.0). Have you heard about the SMP helping Canadians getting into US or Canadian medical schools? I don't have a preference as long as I go to medical school in North America ideally.

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