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what are my chances at uottawa med school with these

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grades: so uottawa looks at your last 3 year's with more emphasis on the last year.

                                 fall  session                                     winter session

3rd year:                  A- B B B                                          A- A- A+ A B+

2nd year:               A+ A- A+ A-                                     A A A- B+

1st year:                A- A- B C                                         A- A- B C

 ill be applying to the french stream . About a 3.6 GPA here. Bad or ok, what do you guys think?

Next question , do they consider hours towards employment ? Was working about 32 hours per week these year's. Although it is a completely different field of work.

As for extracurricular's, I only have hospital volunteering , about 4 hours per week.




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