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Canadian Applicant: Looked at a Intl or OOS?

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Hi Everyone,

Was just curious how the general canadian applicant to USMD schools were looked at. On MSAR there are only International/Out-of-state statistics on accepted students and matriculants. Would we ever be looked at as Out-of-state? Or would this really just depend school to school, and how each school individually looks at a Canadian applicant? 


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On 4/3/2019 at 3:44 PM, AdamMD said:

I emailed Rosalind Franklin. They said they treat Canadians as INTL, do NOT trust that link!

Reviving an old thread for future premed applicants to USA. I have emailed many schools to confirm that list during my own application, and it has been wrong many times. I asked BeMo themselves how they gathered the information, and while they weren't willing to tell me exactly, they confirmed they didn't check school-by-school.

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8 hours ago, IsabellaSmith_ said:

I'm applying now and they all seem to check out actually. Maybe you were looking at the list before it was updated for the year?

From the information I gathered last year, and verifying with the current BeMo website, I still see discrepancies. They did remove CMS though, which is good. I doubt all of these schools changed their policies within one year. Furthermore, these aren't the only discrepancies, only the ones that immediately stood out to me.

The following are incorrect from the website regarding characterization of Canadians of OOS or intl.

Saint Louis

Stony Brook


Are you using the MSAR to see if they check out? Last year, MSAR only stated if a school accepts Canadian applicants, and how many internationals a school accepts. It didn't say whether a school counts Canadians as an OOS or international. Often the school website does not say this either.

Not really looking at this stuff anymore, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong (but correct me after you've verified it properly). Good luck with the research.

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