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1 minute ago, Llamastan said:

Due to other interviews, the only possible spot for me to do this interview was on the 23rd, and the system didn't log me in until they were all booked.

If anyone wants to trade a time on the 23rd for 9:08 AM on the 2nd, please let me know. 

I guess send them an email explaining your situation if you haven't already. I don't think anyone will be giving up their precious 2nd weekend date unless someone's really altruistic. Somehow I don't think that'll be the case.

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4 minutes ago, APP2019 said:

Just out of curiosity why does everyone want the last weekend? I am one of the odd-ones who actually wanted the first ^_^

20 extra days of practice, last year they gave out some information AFTER the first interview weekend (though it was something vague about timing and stations that we were given in the interview invite email anyways, but shows that those later dates might have an advantage), mental sanity, and the odd case is schedule constraints based on other interviews/things.

Now I'm curious, why did you want the first weekend?

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