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What to do - masters vs 5th year?

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Hey everyone, so, unfortunately, I did not receive any interviews this application cycle.  While disappointed, I am not all that surprised.  I thought I had a good chance at western, but times change and ill be back next year.  I the mean-time I'm thinking about what i will do to make myself a better applicant and i am open to others opinions.

Year: 4th year Bsch 

Geography: Ontario, SWOMEN 

year one GPA: 3.34

Year two GPA: 3.45

Year three GPA: 3.84

Year four GPA: 4.00

MCAT #1: 498

MCAT #2: 511 (129, 125, 130, 127)

I'm open to many ideas.  I've considered a fifth year as that would (hopefully) give me another shot at a strong GPA year.  I've also considered that masters would make me a more qualified applicant. I've considered re-writing the MCAT, and i am still open to the idea, however, i don't know how much i could improve my score, i worked very hard for that second score.  I've even considered doing a masters in another province to gain residency in that province.

If anyone has any insights or words of wisdom that they think would help me, please feel free to offer them. 


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You usually want to unlock as many school s as you can.  Have you finished 4th year or currently in it ?   

If you do have a high 4th year GPA  you should be able to get a UWO interview next  cycle as a SWOMEN.

Check your UofT wGPA - depending on grade skew in 1st & 2nd maybe your wGPA is enough (+3.85) after dropping 8  1/2 credit marks

Your 125 CARS is holding you back from Queens and MAC.

So ya maybe a 5th year and a MCAT re-write.    A masters won't overcome the GPA/MCAT.



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I agree with above. Don't do a masters, it does not help in the way people expect it to (unless you're really passionate about the subject matter, then gaining residency through that and maybe increased research experience would slightly help you there). 

Work on your MCAT, increase your GPA with a 5th year (full course load to be eligible for Ottawa, Queens and Western), all while improving your ECs (maybe with a summer research grant like NSERC or independent research).

Do not lose hope for MCAT, I got the same score last year while studying hard (at least I thought so lol!), but I will be at it again this year having learnt from my mistakes.

Best of luck.

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