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Saw "dal office of admissions" and "you're invited" and had a heart attack. Can I sue?

Just a little thought that I felt compelled to share. For those of you that are fortunate enough to live in an area with Daylight Savings Time, just remember that decision letters are 1 hour clos

I’m heading to the Tupper in an hour, if I have the courage to go to admissions, I’ll ask and update everyone!

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2 minutes ago, MDme? said:

Are we expecting admissions to give different answers to different people?  I would just call them if you’re curious! 

Corroborating a story is the first rule of journalism...

How are you going to be a good journalist if you don't know this?

Wait... This is a thread for admission to Journalism school, right?

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6 minutes ago, Mel96 said:

i just came back from the admissions office and the lady said it wont be released in the next week :/ but who knows if they finalize everything it could still happen.... she made it seem like it will be mid March  

I just scheduled my medically induced coma.

See everyone in a few weeks.

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So medically induced comas are looking like the best option to deal with the anxiety of waiting...:P 

I've been trying to get in some extra exercise and paying more attention to what I eat and how much I sleep, with the idea of feeling my best in anticipation of the worst. I guess if I get disappointing news, it might help to feel really good about other aspects of life :-) 

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33 minutes ago, chemicologist said:

If admissions really said to getrich it could be next or the week after, I would actually bet on it being next week. That's despite what MedHopeful93 said (which I'm sure was credible), just my own feeling.

I spoke to Admissions last week and they felt it would be the week of the 11th or 18th, but hey, who knows!  Maybe they are working overtime because of all these calls hahaha

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8 hours ago, PulsusParadoxus said:

Historically, decisions were released during the week of midterm break for Dal Med (2017 and before). Last year was either an anomaly or the new normal. 

Good luck to all those applying, I know first-hand how agonizing the wait can be. 

does anyone know when the midterm week for dal med is this year? :O

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