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Pros and Cons of American vs Canadian Schools

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Aside from the obvious difference in tuition, if you were a Canadian who had offers in both Canada and the US where would you go (money not a factor)? Based on reputation, quality of clinical experience, supportive resources, marketability as associate dentist in Canada, specializing, etc.


I welcome all informative responses, but am particularly interested in input from current dental students who applied in both countries!

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If money is not a factor, the quality of education and supportive resources will generally be far superior at an American school.

For job prospects in Canada, it will probably not matter. To my knowledge there are some offices that will prefer Canadian graduates over USA/AUS/etc (probably won't matter if you went to an Ivy League/top tier school though vs. a random American school).

From what I have observed and heard from Canadian students in general at various schools, clinical experience pales in comparison to what you would get in the states. Canadian students will generally not be doing anywhere close to the number of procedures American students get to do. In some instances you may graduate having cut 1-3 crowns, or having done the bulk of your work in fourth year because you have no patients. Many students make up for this deficit by going on mission trips - which should be supplemental to education as opposed to what seems to now be mandatory in order to graduate with any sort of competence.

In my opinion, the only benefit of attending a Canadian school is cost and proximity to family.

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