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Format for ethical questions in panel interview

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Hi all! When answering an ethical question, I typically look at both sides of the issue and talk about the pros/cons for each side. This is how I would answer for an MMI question where I know I have 8 min to talk about my answer. I realize there is not one "right" format for ethical questions but my issue is, should I use a different format in a panel interview? I feel like with the current format I use, it may be too long for a panel so I'm kind of worried about that. I'd appreciate any feedback! 

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Tbh, there is no right or wrong way to approach ethical questions, but my way is:

1) try and state what the problem is

2) bring in your own clinical philosophy and expertise

3) gather info, see both sides 

4) make an informed decision...if difficult one, seek other specialists in field for holistic/more definitive/more confident decision.

5) Follow up/long term implications.


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