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Good luck to all McGil interviewees this week.


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A year ago, I was in your shoes.
I did not know if all the years of studies I had worked towards were worth it.
If all the volunteering, wishing and dreaming was going to lead me somewhere.
An interview is unpredictable and I could very easily throw it all away.
I just want to tell you all to have confidence in yourself.
You were selected for a reason.
You all have the potential to become medical students.
This year or next year, don't give up.
Whatever you are feeling is normal.
Everyone feels this way.
Every single person in the room you will be in.
Here is my advice for interviews  :

  • There is no definite answer key for scenarios.
  • Complete the required task.
  • Don't be afraid to verbalize your thought process.
  • No one is trying to trick you.
  • Don't overthink the scenarios.
  • One bad station happens to everyone. 
  • Actors and interviewers will sometime seem 'distant' because they have to remain neutral. Don't take it personally.
  • If you have completed a station and are satisfied within time, you don't need to force yourself to add more information.

I guess all I am trying to say is :
I truly wish you all the best on your interviews.

May our paths cross soon! :)

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