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Hi there - I am posting on behalf of a high school applicant.

I am not too familiar about Calgary's Health Sciences program. I had a brief look at it and it seemed somewhat comparable to Mac's Health Sciences. Since I do not know much about Calgary's program, I was hoping someone would could offer their opinion about the program.

Do you think it is similar to Mac's Health Sciences program or no?
Does it prepare and provide you with decent chances of attending a professional school? McMaster has stats that about 50-60% of their grads do go into Medicine, is this comparable at Calgary? 
Are their any advantages of attending this program versus another life sciences program like at McGill, UofT, Mac or UBC? 

Thank you for the help!!! Much appreciated! 

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I have a few friends that took the program it U of C.
All my friends that were in it are now in either law school or medical school. 
It definitely grooms you for medical school. The classes, the environment, the research, and your peers are all/mostly aimed at going to med in my opinion. 

I think it's an intense program, and there are definitely easier programs to get a high GPA in - arguably most important regarding admissions. And then you wouldn't spend 4 years of undergrad being in such a high stress competitive environment. 

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