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Cattle Baron is great if you're in the mood for a steak and don't mind spending a few bucks :-) No clue if it's also in Edmonton though.

If you like Vietnamese there are SO MANY good Vietnamese places in Calgary. Pho Kim is not too far from the U of C and delicious.

There are also a bunch of places in town that made various "Top 100" restaurant lists if you want to get fancier.

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Mercato for really tasty family style Italian
Deane House for contemporary Canadian (tasting menu or a la carte)
Jimmy's A&A for super good donair if you're looking for something huge, quick and delish.
Menyatai for ramen
Buddha's Veggie Delight for Buddhist Chinese (total hidden Calgary gem)
Also agree with 10 Foot Henry
I prefer Anejo to Native Tongues (contemporary Mexican), but that's just me
Raw Market Collective in Kensington for delish vegan
Al Forno for amazing brunch (everyone talks about Vendome, but I think Al Forno is better)
Peasant Cheese for super good custom charcuterie boards
Village Ice Cream for .... ice cream
Made By Marcus for also ice cream because you can never have too much ice cream (their apple pie ice cream, if they still have it..... oh god)
Niko's Pizza for amazing, greasy, perfectly golden brown crust, heavy-on-the-cheese pizza
Pulcinella for very solid Italian, including home made pasta and very very good wood fire oven pizza.
Pho Huong Viet for probably some of the best satay pho I've had (Calgary has really good Vietnamese all-around)
Chennai Spice for super good dosa (chili cheese is my fave)

I find many people mention Pigeonhole and Model Milk.... I find both pretty overrated. 

These are my favorite restaurants that I discovered while living in Calgary for med school and I miss them all so much. I've lived in most major cities in Canada and I have to say that Calgary's food scene is very, very excellent.

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