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Competitiveness of NP Programs


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Hey, I’ve looked into NP schools inside and outside Ontario. They don’t really give out statistics of how many applied vs accepted. From what I’ve gathered, meeting the minimum requirements definitely doesn’t guarantee admission. It also depends on your stream of choice. Neonatal and Pediatric streams are more competitive than Family or Adult, with family being least competitive. Also some schools are more competitive than others, I’ve heard that U of T NP for example the average GPA for accepted applicants is in the 3.8 range. 

I believe most all NP schools in Canada require the equivalent of 2 years experience which must be completed before starting the program. You don’t actually have to take 2 calendar years to do this though. I’m not sure if applicants are assessed competitively based on their straight hours of practice or if it’s simply a cutoff. May depend on the school. As far as i know, Peds/Neonatal programs “highly recommend” the hours be in those fields.

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