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9 hours ago, Fromage said:

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if I would be eligible for aGPA calculation at UBC if I only have 110 undergraduate credits but have 10 credits from my master’s program? When they say it’s required for me to have 90 credits after getting worst year gpa removed does that 90 include graduate course credits as well?

To make my question clearer for example:


Year 1: 30 credits (worst year gpa)

Year 2: 30 credits 

Year 3: 30 credits

Year 4: 20 credits


Year 1: 10 credits

—>Am I eligible for aGPA?

Thank you all in advance!!

I am pretty sure they include all credits, because they will include all of your master’s courses with grades in the GPA calculation. Although I am not sure about thesis credits.

Admissions is pretty good about responding to questions like this by email. Just ask.

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