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My GPA isn't great:

Year 1: 3.375

2: 3.6

3: 3.8

4: 3.4

Took 2 courses in the summer, grades: 3.7, 2.7

Graduated after 4th year

Currently taking open studies: (taking Physics which is a prerequisite for U.S. schools) Grades: 3.3 for first semester, second semester in progress


My MCAT isn't great: 511 / 84th percentile. CARS ruined me.


My ECs aren't great: Some volunteering, no clubs or research



I'm thinking about rewriting the MCAT this summer and applying to U.S. DO schools and U.S. allopathic schools and potentially International schools like Ireland. Do I have a chance? How do I improve my ECs quickly?


I REALLY want to get into medicine, don't want dentistry or pharmacy.

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