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didnt do well in my masters’s program but still wants to pursue medicine. Is it worth it?

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about to finish my master’s degree - currently in healthcare field. I felt so numb and unmotivated once I entered the program - I just felt like I’ve reached my goal and felt lost what to do next. 

I still love what I do but there is always this feeling of “what if I do medicine..?” I’ve never considered going into medicine but once I started my placement at the hospital, I couldn’t stop thinking of pursuing medicine. And I’ve seen not so great things - giving up on “normal” life routine like seeing fam jams and what not, lack of sleep, constant battle with patients and their families..and  more. But I just can’t stop thinking about it...


Anyway, just wanted to put my random-nonsense thought on the internet. Thanks for reading!

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On 3/16/2019 at 12:00 PM, ana_safavi said:

If you're okay with being harassed as a condition of employment.

I get that you obviously feel wronged but being cynical doesn't help in this person's decision making. 

I feel that there's so many negative posts recently... if people don't want to contribute beyond cynicism why contribute at all? 

- G 

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I have read posts about similar feelings among med students as well. The "goal" was to get into medicine and after that, they did not find much motivation. This, combined with long hours + some unsatisfying rotations did not make for a great experience. However, this is just the experience of select few that I have read online. 

In your case, I think it would help to do some introspection about WHY I want to do medicine (rather than what if I do medicine). You also have not finished your master's degree yet, so most of your view of your profession comes from select few placements. Maybe take some time to explore areas of your field that you enjoy and gauge whether you see yourself working in that area + being happy in that role. Pursuing medicine is something that you should think about long and hard as it is an important commitment (time-wise + financially + emotionally). You don't want it to end up being the same thing as your master's program (getting in and feeling like you've already reached your goal). 

Just two cents of someone who also completed a master's degree in health field + worked in that area + is now applying to medical school :) All the best! You can PM me if you want to talk about it further. 

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