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Pathology in Quebec

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How is the environment for pathologists in Quebec? I am considering taking a job there but would like to know more details about it such as workload, remuneration and pathologist happiness before I accept a position. I am finding lots of conflicting information about these factors and hope that a more recent opinion can be shared. DM me if you are more comfortable with that.

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Pathologists in Quebec are FFS as opposed to the rest of Canada where they are mostly salaried unless they work in one of the few remaining private labs. I can't speak for the job market but remuneration is quite good : 467k on average. Volume is a bit higher than in the rest of Canada but not by a crazy amount. If you're in a field that reads slides fast, like GI, it's not unheard of to get to 600k+. University salaries can add to this and overhead is basically nonexistent. Pathologists are generally very happy there because they are being fairly compensated for their work unlike in other provinces where they usually make 350k and sometimes can't even incorporate. 

http:::www.assnat.qc.ca:fr:travaux-parlementaires:commissions:CSSS:mandats:Mandat-40959:documents-deposes.html (csss-010).png

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On 2/17/2020 at 12:20 AM, member_225 said:

are these pre-overhead figures? 

Yes, they are gross payments. Important to note that overhead isn't very high in Quebec because most specialties work mostly in public hospitals in the province. For example, there is relatively little private office run radiology and geriatrics in QC compared to other provinces. Also helps that the governments pays you more if you work outside a public institution (établissement) which obviously helps with overhead. 

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