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Keep calm and wait


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Hey guys, 

As a some of us wait for answers that are coming up in less than two weeks, I wanted to know how some of you have delt with the waiting time. What are your strategies to calm down and to stop thinking about how the interview went.

Personally, it took me until now to calm down and to stop having flashbacks of cringy moments of my interview. I started yoga which enabled me to let got of stressful and negative thoughts. I'm not much of spiritual person, but I found that mindfulness helped me a lot. 


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The first time I went through an interview, I was losing my mind waiting for the answer. This second time around, I have found that I haven't been thinking much about the interview at all. Mostly because I understand that going over my answers won't change the outcome. So, I've kept busy by taking on more tasks at work/school/extracurriculars, working out, focusing on plan B, etc. Just anything to keep my mind from being bored and thus thinking about the interview!

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Waiting was the hardest part. It was agony. The best advice I can give is to keep yourself busy, spend time with family& friends, and do fun things. Watch netflix/youtube, especially inspiring talent show/singing auditions -> really brings the mood up.  Reading previous years acceptance posts also kept my hopes up. Exercise regularly. 

Best of Luck!

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