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Should I rewrite my MCAT?

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On 3/13/2019 at 9:09 PM, katetherinefong said:

I want to try to get into UBC med and this is the breakdown of my MCAT

total score: 505

Chem: 128

CARS: 124

Bio: 125

Psych: 128

My average is an 82.5%. 

Should I retake the exam again this year or not? 

I would also agree and think it's best that you give it one more go.  How much time did you spend studying for it last time?  The most important thing in improving your score is proper planning.  The MCAT is important for sure for UBC, but so are other things.  When planning your time, see if you can balance it with some other important things if you can.  It's hard to say, but from what I gather, achieving a total score of 510+ would be good for UBC (however, many get accepted with lower scores), but of course aim for higher so that you can apply across Canada :). In terms of individual sections, I think 127-128+ per section is great.

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