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23 minutes ago, freewheeler said:

I meant why medicine

ive been fascinated with medicine for years but for longer than wrote it off as something i wasn't good enough to pursue. ive only recently seriously re-considered the notion that i couldnt do it. also, i dont feel as strongly as i used to that i can fulfill my potential in journalism. i'd rather do something where i directly help people. and the long-term future of journalism as a viable career isnt clear. 

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A classmate of mine went through this transition. Many people with past careers from a variety of areas (myself included) were in my graduating med school class. I would just make sure you understand all that you will have to go through going down the medicine path. It's very long, tiring, and demanding. I would even say the expectations are at many times unrealistic. I love it every day and am grateful for what I'm doing, but if you go in without understanding the demands there is the risk of becoming resentful and bitter. I have seen this happen with many of my colleagues.

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