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Do Canadian USMGs have to submit Step 1 scores in CaRMS?

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Hi all,

I am currently a second year Canadian medical student at a U.S. medical school with interests in possibly returning to Canada for a FM residency. Since I will have to write the USMLE step exams, I was wondering whether or not my scores will have to be submitted into CaRMS as a USMG. Can I choose not to submit my scores? Or will I be required to submit my scores? 

How does this part of the application work? Is there a spot to submit your step scores? Can you just say that you "passed" these exams? If you do not submit your step scores, does this negatively impact you in any way, etc.?

If I have low Step scores, will this negatively impact my chances at Canadian residencies? Or do step scores not matter for Canadian residencies?

Any clarification would be wonderful. Thanks for your time!

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There's a box for it on the application as far as I remember--you'd have to ask the CaRMS people if that implies an obligation to report.  Even if you do, don't worry about it Canadians won't know how to interpret the score, much less use it in a rank algorithm.  

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