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here is my story

i completed my first undergrad in 2017 , ended with a B GPA. 

I have research experiences, leadership, volunteering, etc. 

started a second undergraduate degree in 2017 right after ,and did one year of psychology, and switched to bch

2017-2018--psychology --(b+) gpa

2018-2019--switched to biochem---(b+)gpa--predicted 



basically, I have had a complicated life due to my mother's health and me being the eldest. I have two years to graduate my second undergrad degree in BCH, for which i need to pull my life together. Do you think that western will consider my application given my serious crazy history of undergraduate years at all given i do well 2019-2020 and apply and finish after 2020-2021 year? My MCAT is to be written this summer...

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13 minutes ago, waifu4laifu said:

2 year GPA is 2 year GPA, whatever that combined mark is what counts, they don't look at other marks. In fact, it's probably a computer that does it. 

yup the rules are applied systemically - if you have the two years you have the two years, regardless of the rest 

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