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Considering dropping a course - Is it worth it?

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Hey, I'm a Canadian premed student who's currently in a bit of a pickle. I'm considering dropping a course in which I have received a mark of 81% on the first midterm, but am anticipating a somewhat lower mark (~60 ish?) on the second midterm, though there's no valid evidence that I would necessarily achieve such a low mark, apart from the empty feeling in my stomach recalling myself winging a somewhat highly weighted question.


On the flipside, it seems that many students had a similar experience on the second midterm, so my reluctance to drop the course stems from the notion that there might be some sort of grade curve. There are additionally occasional quizzes which I anticipate I can achieve relatively high grades in to somewhat alleviate the low midterm grade.


I would just like to ask you if you believe it is worth dropping this course - or if I should just stick with it and maintain my 5 course workload for this semester?


Thanks in advance. 

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You would need to provide more info about what year you are in and what your GPA and marks haves been like to date.     

Personally,  I would not intentionally drop below full course load thereby giving up weighting for schools like U of T.

If you are in 3rd year and sporting a +3.95 overall  (except for this course),  then full course load may not be important for you

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