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Does Undergraduate program acceptance affect PT application?

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So I just got accepted into accelerated nursing which is my backup if I don't get into PT but the deadline to accept the offer is April 19th. I want to know all my options before making any decisions but I dont want to lose my spot incase PT doesnt work out. Will accepting an undergraduate offer affect my PT application at all? I was thinking of accepting the offer and then withdrawing it if I got into PT but Im not sure if thats allowed or not. I did email the counsellor, I am just a bit nervous about this and wanted to know if anyone had been in this situation before. 

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Hey! I know someone who was in the same situation. They got accepted to second entry nursing, accepted their offer of admission and a few months later, got into PT. So she cancelled her nursing acceptance (I think she just emailed the school saying she no longer planned to attend) and accepted her PT offer instead! :)  Accepting your nursing offer (even if you don’t end up pursuing that program) shouldn’t affect your PT application/admission at all! Best of luck and congrats!! 

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