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advice on applying to FRCPC ER vs FM +1 ER applications

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Hi guys,


So it's AFMC booking season for MS3's right now. I absolutely fell in love with my ER during my MS3 core rotation which was really unexpected and am really stuck right now re-booking electives.

I have 0 ER research, 0 ER specific resume items. I have research in broad areas, and lots of posters, some oral presentations. I also have teaching experience on my resume and interest group leadership activities,etc. 

Since it is now almost April and Carms is coming up in Novemeber, is it "too late" to apply to the 5 year ER? Would any of you advise sticking to a FM+ 1ER as the best outcome given these tight timeline circumstances?

Say if I were to gun for the 5 year , has anyone ever heard of people who went for the 5 year ER, then backed up with family and didn't match to a backup and went unmatched?

Thanks for your input

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It is not too late. You have nothing to lose by applying. If you don't get into the royal college emerg, just go into family and do the +1. Chances are you will match to family if you apply broadly, even more so considering emerg is quite similar to family. There are people who have done 6-7 surgery electives and were able to successfully back up and match to family. You will be fine.

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